Ms. Nappinai has handled several large transactions, including those with footprints in multiple jurisdictions. The transactions she has handled include those in the field of Corporate Finance (Private Equity & Debt Structuring being her forte); Commercial Transactions including complex asset acquisition documentation for international clients; Property documentation involving acquisition of rights to immovable properties in large transactions for cluster development; premium property acquisitions and development; acquisition of property for development of malls and structuring from basic acquisition to the trickle down documentation for each component comprising a mall; transactions for technology acquisitions and transfers including the complex documentation capturing the specifications of the technology required and the mode and manner of execution and checks and balances against breaches; transactions in venture capital deals;

In most of the transactions handled, Ms. Nappinai has led the team as Counsel or in her individual capacity ably assisted by in-house teams. Her incisive negotiation skills, sense of fair play in the structuring of transactions and the balanced view she brings to ensure a sustainable relationship between parties instead of one-sided contracts which merely jeopardize effective implementation are her signature characteristics, which has been much appreciated by her clients. Her fair and balanced view has garnered the respect even of opponents.

Ms. Nappinai continues to lend her expertise in giving opinions on various legal aspects and also in leading teams, as Counsel, for transactions.

Ms. Nappinai has addressed several seminars (“Presentations”) and written extensively (“Publications”)  including on the role of the Central Monetary Regulatory Authority on international trade and commerce and on payment gateways and points of sale. Her opinions and writings have helped formulate future course of action.