Our Team

N S Nappinai
Email – [email protected]
Noelle-Ann Park
Email – [email protected]
Akhil Mahesh
Email – [email protected]
Rohmin Aref
Email – [email protected]

  • Corporate – Private Equity & Debt Structuring; Joint Ventures, M & A structuring & Exits; Corporate structuring; incorporation and all incidental documentation
  • IP: Technology Transfer; Licensing – movies, software, entertainment; Franchise Agreements; Personality Rights Agreements; Gaming; Animation
  • IPR protection for entertainment industry including with performers / consultant Agreements
  • Commercial Transactions: Assets Purchases; Distributorship; Exclusive Franchises & Brand Assignments; Employment Agreements; Confidentiality & Proprietary Data Protection Agreements
  • Property: Sale, transfer, assignments of immovable properties; Infrastructure Agreements; Malls – acquisition, franchise, licensing & sale Agreements; RFQ legalities
  • Education: Restructuring of a Private University in Kuwait; Charter documents & all internal documents required for its functioning
  • Drafting of Byelaws, Rules & Regulations; Employee Agreements; IP Protection