“In this world of strife… Nation-States would have to create consensus for the cyber domain through global enforcement mechanisms, to overcome threats of cross-border crimes, terror attacks & cyber warfare (& to repair the broken windows in cyberspace)”

– N. S. Nappinai, The Hindu (July 13, 2017)

In a dispute involving a renowned Movie Production House, Ms. Nappinai successfully negotiated a settlement for recovery of dues for grant of remake rights. Successfully represented a Movie Production Company to defend its entry to the Annual Academy Awards, held in the United States of America. Ms. Nappinai is also advisor to several Technology Companies in resolving inter se disputes between the Company and its employees arising out of violation of Internet and Data Protection policies.

Our Team

N S Nappinai
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Noelle-Ann Park
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  • Appear in and advise with respect to Cybercrime cases
  • Advise, issue opinions and represent clients on the laws and regulations impacting Emerging technologies including
    • 1. Cryptocurrencies
    • 2. Blockchain
    • 3. ICOs
    • 4. Crypto-Funds
    • 5. Robotics
    • 6. Automation
    • 7. Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Theft Case – Prosecution and Defense
  • Cyber Crime Cases pertaining to Phishing of its websites and Banking fraud
  • Advisor to various Technology Companies for initiation of criminal proceedings for hacking of its systems by its former employee, data theft and other Cyber Crimes
  • Represented an online travel Major in its cyber law litigation at Gurgaon
  • Technology Laws – Data Protection; Licensing; Technology Transfer; Compliances – Websites, Corporate Compliance with IT Rules including Intermediary Rules
  • Corporate Policies & Internal Agreements including for Internet and digital usage
  • Policy Documentation for Websites, including websites buying and / or selling Virtual Currency and/or using Blockchain Technology
  • Policy Documents & User Agreements for Mobile Applications

Technology Laws Decoded

Technology Laws Decoded is a seminal work on cyber laws. The book carves out the dalliance between Constitution, Crimes, IPR and Contracts with technology laws, thereby evolving into a separate field of study. The book addresses procedural complexities through detailed analysis of electronic evidence and jurisdiction in cyber space.

The author has adapted an engaging and thematic approach to deliver a holistic and comprehensive perspective to cyber laws. Her scholarly analysis of the humungous topics ranging from cyber policies; cyber warfare and terrorism; cyber crimes; impact of the cyber domain on media and entertainment, gaming, amination, sports, personality rights, to name a few, makes the book relevant for all readers including legislatures and policy makers, judiciary, armed forces, intelligence agencies, police, legal practitioners, business, industries and students.

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